Will's Portfolio

AT&T Yankees Sponsorship

For years, the Yankees had a sponsorship with Verizon. So we made a print campaign to position AT&T as the irrefutable sponsor of the Yankees, and wrote everything in the LET’S-GO YAN-KEES cadence.




AT&T Winter Olympics

Support is the key theme running through AT&T’s Winter Olympic campaign. And support comes from everywhere.

Dir: Derek Cianfrance

The Observer Food Monthly

The Observer asked us to generate a buzz around the tenth annual Observer Food Monthly Awards. So we made the world’s first edible award. Well, Heston Blumenthal did. But only because we asked him to.

Audi Fleet

Audi wanted to highlight the level of comfort in their new A4, A5 and A6 models, so we created this series of double page press ads.

Pho: Greg White




Dove Men+Care

We won the pitch for Dove Men+Care with the idea of a Man Manual. These are the first three (of many) chapters.

Dir: John Robertson


Our job was to create a TV spot to launch KFC’s new breakfast range. We wanted to capture the magic of morning, and show people that KFC chefs now do the early shift. This script originally started with “open on an empty New York street”, but the CD decided that a two-night shoot in Slough would be better.

Dir: Siri

ITV Rugby World Cup 2011 Tactical

We created a series of ‘tactical print ads’. They were a real challenge to produce and supply in such a small amount of time. The day started with us watching the game in the ITV studio, and interviewing Mr Dallaglio and friends immediately after the final whistle to get their thoughts and opinions. We then designed and supplied the final artwork, all in under six hours. The digital outdoor aspect is explained in the video.

Dunlop Wintersport Tyres

In March 2011 we were sent to Iceland to shoot a TV spot and the print for Dunlop’s new Wintersport 4D tyre. The shoot was a disaster. We got there and the weather was so bad the Icelandic Met office told us to get off the mountain, and we left with nothing. Anyway, we re-shot one of the print ads in sunny Brighton, and here it is.

Pho: Ben Stockley


RFU England vs Wales

We were asked to promote the England vs Wales match and let fans know that it wasn’t just a pre-World Cup practice. We shot this image at Twickenham, the home of English rugby. (We accidentally dyed Haskell, Hape and Wilkinson’s kit pink with all the red smoke). This was used in both print and poster.

Pho: David Clerihew


RFU Autumn Internationals

RFU’s posters were previously too cluttered and poorly designed, so they asked us to give them something ‘classic’. We took them back to basics. Press, posters, ticketing, and online for the 2010-2011 season.